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Pistol Pete Avalon Jock featuring Jockstrap Central model Spence

One of six new mesh Pistol Pete jockstraps we’ve just launched at Jockstrap Central.

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OMG! The Bike #10 is back at Jockstrap Central, but not for long.

Jockstrap fanatics pay attention! Bike Europe made the brilliant decision to do a one time production run of this limited edition Bike #10 jockstrap. They call it the Vintage Throwback Edition, and it’s awesome in every aspect:

With only 6000 in production, styled after the original made first in 1874 and with a special throwback insert for the clamshell packaging, this is truly a collector’s item. They’re sure to sell out fast.


Five of the over 300 items on sale right now at Jockstrap Central.

We’ve got jockstraps, underwear, shorts, tank tops, wrestling singlets and more and they’re all marked down by 15% right now. Our Hot Summer Heat Sale ends Sunday, July 27th.

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SafeTGard is driving us nuts. Every time we order from them, they keep sending us things we didn’t order and are not in their catalog. For example, we ordered all white 3 inch jockstraps and received these white and grey ones but only in large and xlarge. When questioned, they told us going forward this is the new white jockstraps. So we placed an order for the other sizes, and they sent us the old all white ones. Same thing happened a few months ago when we order all blue ones and ended up with royal blue pouches with navy blue waistbands. Again, we’re told that those were the new blue ones so how to they explain the new “blue” ones we received - this time with royal blue pouches and black waistbands.

We keep reminding them that we’re an online store and our customers expect to get the exact jockstrap they see in all our photos. Every change they make is costing us as we have to hire models, get them shot and then do countless photo editing to be able to sell these new creations. It’s quite frustrating.

Rant over.

Here is our latest model Gerry in one of the new SafeTGard jockstrap creations. With the way things are going, I’m going to say these are limited edition - who knows what they’ll send next.

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Nasty Pig Hook’d Up Sports Socks the Jockstrap Central way.

Sometimes accidents are good. Although we carry other colors of the Hook’d Up Socks, we never brought these in, but due to a mixup, we got sent this new Chelsea Blue color. We liked them so much, we threw them on our model Josh and launched them for sale.

Follow this link for more photos and to check out our model Adam in the other Hook’d Up Socks: 

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So, do you like our latest model Gerry? “Like” the post if you do!

Gerry is wearing the new American Jock Gym Shorts and American Jock Body Builder Tank Tops. Get them here:

Jockstrap Central model Gerry in our new launched American Jock Gym Shorts and Tank Tops

Gerry is a fitness instructor and dancer and it shows.

More of Gerry and the American Jock Gym Collection:

Flarico F110 Jockstrap - front and back.

Jockstrap Central model Trent in a jockstrap that’s been in production since the late 1800s.

Get this classic jockstrap here:

Presenting Derek’s ass in Nasty Pig Baller Jocks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all Jockstrap Central model’s backsides but I’ve got a special place in my hardon for Derek’s fine specimen of a bum. 

What do you think?


More of Derek here:

Jockstrap Central model Adam Stray in Male Power Mesh School Boy Jockstrap. On sale until Wednesday, June 9th during our 25% Off Male Power Sale.

More of Adam and the Male Power Jockstrap: